​​​We believe in the buddy system for turnout - there are a maximum of three horses turned out together.  Private turnout is available with newly expanded pastures we have lots of turnout options to suite your needs.  Valley View Stables, LLC offers both dry lot and pasture turnouts.  Automatic waterers and tanks are used through the farm.

Horses in our care are required to have the following vaccinations before they can be brought into our facility:  Coggins, Strangles, Eastern/Western Tetanus, Flu Rhino, Rabies/Potomac and West Nile.  Boarders need to keep their horse's vaccinations current and we work with a local veterinarian who can be used for this.  We also require that horses at our facility are wormed per veterinarian recommendation.

Valley View Stables, LLC offers stall and pasture board.  ​​​At Valley View Stables, LLC we believe in treating each individual animal as what they are, an individual.  To that end, we offer a customized feeding program.  Grain is included with the price of board for both stall and pasture horses.  Ultimately, you decide what and how much your horse will eat, and we are more than willing to help you to establish a feed program that will benefit your horse's needs.  On our grounds we also have a large capacity hay barn where we keep a supply of good quality hay on hand for feeding the animals in our care. 

Horses are fed Monday thru Friday by 6am with turnout at 6am.  Saturday and Sunday horses are fed by 8am with turnout at 8am.  All horses on stall board are brought in and fed by 6pm.

Stalls at Valley View Stables, LLC are cleaned daily. We use pellets for bedding and the bedding is stripped as needed.  Water buckets in stalls are scrubbed daily and the aisles in all the barns are swept down after daily maintenance.